Sayed Abdel aziz
Preparation and implementation of radio programs, sound engineering, web design, electronic marketing, public relations, marketing and sales, Internet radio and direct satellite broadcasting

Media qualification

My career began with learning the press as a start for radio qualification and exploration of media work in all aspects. The beginning was in the Dar Akhbar Elyom Foundation in the famous children’s magazine Bulbul at the time, After I got an award from the state in literature for the entirety of the works and the Culture Palaces Award for the year 1999 AD. My age was then not more than 15 years, which He drew the attention of many public figures working in the journalistic and literary field, and after that he joined several newspapers as a press editor in the Investigations Department, then as a tourist editor in the Abu El-Houl newspaper since 2007, and I succeeded in gaining the respect of the newspaper’s audience, so I was appointed as the director of public relations management at the Aboul Houl newspaper next to the uncle I worked as an editor in the same newspaper, and in 2010 I worked as a tourist editor for the Kuwaiti magazine “World of Archeology”.

Radio qualification

I started my radio work in 2006 in radio broadcasting with radio station Mohsen Arafa on radio station. I started the journey of learning and searching for information between radio studios, and after that I participated in several radio art works, and I also received several artistic awards in this field from senior broadcasters and art historians. Then I was able to do many radio works and specialties other than presentation. My participation was in music planning, program preparation, documentation, recordings and directing. It also included radio engineering and transmission and their intermediating networks, and what is related to information technology and technical and technical support. I remember that I did not do a job in radio station as preparation only, but also by directing, engineering, and mixing machines, but I used to mention my name as preparing an adherence to the radio laws.

Certificates of Appreciation
  • Recipient of the Reading for All Award and the 1999 Culture Palaces Award
  • He received a letter of thanks from the Presidency of the Egyptian Radio Sector in 2014
  • Received a letter of thanks from the Presidency of Radio Engineering Sector on November 22, 2015
  • He received two letters of thanks from Radio Lyrics
  • He received two letters of thanks from the public program radio
English 75%
French 50%
Computer courses and programming
March 2018 - January 2019

From the Ministry of Youth and Sports, United Nations Development Center and Microsoft Middle East

Photoshop 57%
WordPress 61%
Illustrator 71%
InDesign 50%
Html & CSS 85%
: JavaScript, C#, C++ 60%
Windows 92%
Microsoft Office 89%
Digital Marketing 61%
HR 71%
Sales and Marketing 66%
Internet Radio & Web 96%
Training course from the stock exchange 76%
Engineering skills

Work on most nuts and audio devices.

 (Analog & digital systems)

Proficiency in dealing with most automation systems

(Playlist, record and edit)

Dealing with mixing and sound editing programs

 (Adobe Audition & Wave lab)

June 2017 - yet
Preparation of programs - Editor in chief

Editor in Chief: Program Good evening, Egypt Saturday (political, cultural, inclusive) – Ramadan tales 20182019

Prepared by: The Long Live Egypt program, the open ceremonial periods in festivals and events, good morning, Egypt, “previously”, on the banks of the Nile, “previously”

June 2006 - June 2017

Musical planning: daily program

Preparing programs: Tarb Hour with Arab Stars 120 air episodes

My star program, 40 episodes

My Life Program 35 episodes

My memories program with the star Samir Sabry, 33 episodes

Open periods for external events and covers.

The audio file above is a testimony I cherish from my professor Almighty God’s mercy upon him art historian and my grandfather Al Jafi and the meeting was in March 2006
The audio file above is one of the open periods on the air that I have prepared in the celebrations of the general program for Eid, where the artist Fatima Eid and the artist Shafiq Al-Shayb will be hosted.
The audio file above is a testimony that I am proud of by my professor Al-Qadeer Tariq Mustafa, the chief broadcaster of the Radio
January 2014 - August 2015
Sha3py Fm 95 Radio

Establishing the station and building its general framework within a working group and frequency selection.

June 2007 - June 2012
Abu El Houl Tourist newspaper

public relations manager

The newspaper is specialized in the tourism field, and it is issued in both Arabic and English.


Bachelor of Commerce Department of Accounting

Skills and abilities

Preparation of radio programs, radio directing, audio processing

Logical and structured thinking, PR, marketing

Programming, coding in multiple languages

25 August 25, 2013 - July 2015
Assigning the engineering file
The intonation and engineering follow-up of radio networks
  1. Contribute to the re-launch of the cultural program network (broadcasting the cultural program) and the European (Greek – German) on the Egyptian satellite without the financial burden on the union.
  2. Contribute to the launch of the Digital Studio network in the Middle East as the first radio in Maspero to operate with this system.
  3. Addressing most transmission problems in most governorates of the Republic through an expanded monitoring process.
  4. All radio networks appear on the FM wave with very good sound quality within 5 working days.
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